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Journey Abroad

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Hello! Everybody. By now you might have been thinking that I am going to describe you, my wonderful journey abroad. Well, it’s not. This is about my quest for the above said. As a young lad I did never think I would ever dream of going for studies abroad. But suddenly a few months back some kind of pest enter into my mind, maybe it was the greed for enormous opportunities you get in the west, especially after you are an alumni to a university of a foreign land. Even if you’re not successful at that level in the country of your stay but, coming back home along with your degree, shall make all the difference. As because you will feel the kind of respect you gain all of a sudden and the importance of your existence thereafter. The people, who some years ago might have just thought of you as a worthless man, will now try to find himself in your image, hoping to have followed your footsteps.

That is always a unique trait in among the people of each corner my country. It has been more than 60years of independence from the clutches of the foreigners but still we do not even try to fore check the same. Maybe that was another reason why I wanted to take the advantage of studying abroad, as that would make sense. The thought that I had, started growing so fast that it acted as a hypnotic drug. I was by now trying to plan out things so as to enable myself to be admitted to a University.

My facts and findings revealed that it’s not an easy affair to study abroad as because you have to pass through examination first which are held out every trimester in my country. And, preparing for those exams meant to through you on a well without water, without water because when you fall in the well you don’t die but yet is injured. Even then I tried on, and came to the conclusion that I can make it out. Next, I am supposed to select an institution and go for the admission but, what then?? Who’s going to help me get my visa? American Embassy asks you to proof of evidence for the entire Course Fees in full with extra takings of 5% on the course fee. That would be nonetheless than 3 million INR (Indian Rupees), which is quite a huge amount.

It was then that I came through the prospectus of MANIPAL UNIVERSITY, which entertains a program that boasts of giving you a foreign degree at 40%, lesser cost than usual. But, it was up to you how you fair. They call it the twinning program eligible for those who aspire to become engineers, where you study 2 years in the country and 2 years abroad. That does make sense somehow, thus I had a good first impression about it

I don’t know why? But, rather than making my father know much about it I started to working upon it. I needed a valid Passport, which grew up to be my prime concern then. Next challenge was to arrange for 2 million rupees, this time it was really a tough job. 3 million isn’t a joke. I didn’t lose my heart and tried to find out for the bank which would probably finance my study abroad.

When everything was in the right track, it was time for the final twist, the moment my dreams shattered. On getting to know about these, dad made a declaration that probably wasn’t something I could call for. He wanted me to graduate from any of the university in the country and then to move abroad for masters. Why? How could he do that to me? Do you want me be a puppet?

Some questions came up all of sudden to make me feel insecure, but that wasn’t the end.

One thought on “Journey Abroad

  1. u aren’t d 1 man….. n u know it… we discussed it together….. but now i think its fine….. just a few more years…. n we can take it….. can’t we??…. remember man.. WHATEVER WILL HAPPEN WILL HAPPEN FOR THE GOOD………..;)

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