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Success -An analysis

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Success has always been the ultimate and farthest point of a man’s life and career. He takes special interest into gaining success. A successful person is placed high among the people of the society. They are entitled to doing things that can only be dreamt by others. Successful doesn’t just mean that you need to be a rich man or to get richer, success is the personal satisfaction on doing thing that raises one’s status in the society.

Which means a successful person will not have a success story till the society and its constituents recognises it. Most importantly by those of who are placed in the media, because media has got immense capabilities of framing a person’s mind. So, if media deems it to be a success story, it is then.

How can I be successful? You might have asked this question a million time to yourself as I did. But, still the answer isn’t there with me. Know why? It is because I am not successful yet, not just that you need to have enough maturity and presence of mind too. It is SUCCESS that precedes the story of a successful man.

To be a successful man you don’t need to study a lot or earn number of degrees. I don’t mean that we should be illiterates but I mean one single extraordinary idea is enough to make you a successful man. That idea might have struck you too or may be shall strike you someday, but the thing is, when the idea strikes your mind you need to catch it up all of a sudden and work on it from then on. Also, before you could do anything, you will have to calculate your strength and weaknesses and implement it thereafter, not thinking of the aftermath, which in many cases are seere. HAHA!!

There are some great examples of such successes by different people who now are eminent personalities in the society. Today, when I talk about these the first name that comes to mind is of a leading entrepreneur and the youngest millionaire of the world Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, a 26 year old man who started the FACEBOOK. In a way he changed the way we connect our friends with much cheaper yet faster means which was the very need of the hour. Yes, luck and years of hard work should also be credited for his success.

Your parents can’t dictate you the way you should move to get successful if you’re a victim of dictation then at least make sure you help your parents understand that this is not what you wish o pursue and that you won’t be able to make it done. Becoming successful is all about yourself, if you believe in becoming successful, you will be someday, sooner or later. The making of Zuckerberg and the rise of facebook could well be called a blunder, because of the manner in which it got launched or an aftermath of a mistake.

But, do you think it is very easy for any man to get into business?? NO! It’s tough, really tough. When you try to rise there will be 100s of people to pull you down. Which means it is never going to be easy to move towards success.

Some people rightly say “don’t run to be successful, run for excellence and success automatically comes to you”. Although I believe in this phrase, I found it failing in some instances.

It rather fails when I see hug media houses term money launderers and corrupt politicians be deemed successful not because they did something for the good of the society but because it is them who accumulated huge amounts for their own well being. This people for me are none other who stoke on others to make it their own.

Real success is when you earn your living to the peak, increase your standards and achieve goals not at the cost others but by your heartfelt contribution.


Make it clear that it is not us who make the difference; it’s what we do that makes us different.

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