Precious Life

Relationship amid Existence

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Today I have got to talk to you in a different matter. The matter’s somehow related to our existence in the world and relationship we grow among ourselves. As I come from a well to do middle class family I had views that were somehow different from my fellow friends. I usually took interest in each and everything around, living or non living. They somehow made me realise my position. Each and every one of us comes through various hardships in during the course of our life, but even then, most among us do not learn from our mistakes and challenges. Instead we ignore it and move forward pushing the truth of life to a different avenue.

With our very existence relationship comes running towards us. Yes, relationship which starts from us and end at us again. We people fail to recognise the reason of our existence. Well, you might not have a similar view but still you cannot deny the fact that “The reason of our existence is to carry on each of our relationship fruitfully” that is what I believe in. Some people say “Friends in need is a friend indeed”, on cards this is also a matter of fruitful relationship. Many among us do not understand the need of relationship and the pleasure of having a healthy relationship. Nevertheless they underestimate it they on various paths of life do have small glimpses of advantages of being in a relationship. Ask yourself if you have a friend of that charisma, out of all the so called friends you have, don’t know why? But not all of us are lucky enough to get friends of such quality.

The binding you have between your friends can also be termed as a relationship. Yes, a relationship that can bloom only with mutual involvement on both parts, i.e. its existence can’t be favoured otherwise therefore in relationship there’s existence.

Husband and wife are bound by relationship of trust, this trust makes them couple who act on each others’ behalf that grows upon with other relationships that you have around yourself.

An unborn baby is welcomed to the new world with the most important live in relationship in his parents, his mom and dad. That makes him get connected to an outer world which makes him a part of a family, i.e. his grandparents, uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters. A network of relationship is up from then on, it’s the same as we people are connected through a common web connected to computers in different places, just that in here we are people connected through sacred relationships. This baby grows to become a man someday on the way to attain manhood he starts relationship of his own with friends and with new acquaintances. The people who he comes in contact with also bind in a relationship which may be dormant but it will be established.

These friends connect to more new friends and so on. All these connections are successful only if you show your presence or existence in the relationship. The word relationship and existence makes sense only when bound together, therefore we should make use of the time we are in this world of miseries, a country where people lead there life not because of earning but because they do care about the relationship he established over the years, i.e. his family.

So herein I could understand that when we build relationship, we should know how to get to the root of it and obey it, or otherwise be frank to yourself and break it all off before your beloved is hurt.

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