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Kritartha I'm WatchIt’s not just a watch which shows you time, date and one or two things more. It is a watch which looks at you and say “here I’m”. The I’m Watch is a device that looks like a cross between an iPod Nano and a high-end digital watch. The I’m Watch is an upcoming Android device which acts both as a connected display for a Smartphone and as a wristwatch, developed by the new Italian company Blue Sky. The device was demoed at ARM TechCon 2011 show in Santa Clara, California and has been shown at CES 2012.

The I’m Watch falls into the rapidly expanding crevice of devices called smart watches. Connected via Bluetooth, the idea is that the watch comes with a number of apps that allow you to access the Internet and therefore Twitter, your email, stock prices, attend calls, receive and send text messages, check weather forecast and other things without having to get your phone out of your pocket, instead just piggybacking on its data connection. The watch itself features a 1.55-inch capacitive touch screen display protected by sapphire glass with 240×240 pixel high clarity resolution. It weighs about 70g and even features a speakerphone and mic so you can talk to it Dick Tracy style.

This cell phone watch is the latest and the first with an OS, and that took a custom version of Android OS. It’s not just a watch it’s a gadget which takes us to a whole new world of technology and gives us a delighting experience that fits on our wrist.

The watch has a 64MB-128MB RAM and 4GB storage capacity, which is more than enough. The 600 mAh battery provides 2 hours back-up and 48 hours back-up in stand-by mode. The 3.5mm jack can make swing with i’music that gives you access to on-demand millions of songs, i’market an app store for downloading apps suitable to the device’s display.

They feel good in the hand, the bands and clasps are sleek and they come in a variety of flavours from sporty to bejewelled. The introductory price for I’m Watch is fixed at  349€.

The official launch has been delayed several times and has been quoted by a Blue Sky Executive as being released March 2012. Some pre-order customers have been told in January 2012 to expect deliveries to start in February 2012.

The “Colour Collection” will feature a range of bright colours (white, pink, light blue, red, yellow, green or black) while the “Tech Collection” will have a greater focus on materials. There is a third range called the “Jewel Collection” with models costing up to €1000 and coming with a “high premium finish”.

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