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Nerves –” You seem have some”–

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That man has got some nerve!! Well, you must have come through this kind of a comment for a hundredth time now. The best thing we can assume by this is that the man being talked about is courageous man…now let me put it this way. A man has gone to play a match, hasn’t played well enough but wasn’t useless during the match after all; we know that each man playing plays his role in a match of cricket. This man is been taunted by a fellow teammate “Hey!! How many more runs are you going to give them?” Now if this man start thinking ‘he is useless’ I would rather say ‘He seems be one’ cause he let his team mate under his nerves. Friends never let them get inside your nerves. This people I believe are “worthless”. Hey! Hey! Not for just I have my reasons, believe me.

I understand they are good at something, but god hasn’t given them the right to show others inferior. Rather, guys, you must hold your nerves together and get that man’s ass out of it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want you guys to fight over a single cricket or anything else that doesn’t put you eminent danger. Guys, hold your nerves to wait for the right time to show your worth in your time.

You will come across some many different kinds of people throughout your life time. Some shall be very cunning, other shall be very good, some might be very proud of themselves and rest might not have realised their worth in the society. Constitutions all these people make it a society, but off course most people think he to be the best. I suppose that shouldn’t be it.

That teammate could have given him some tips to improve the man’s skills rather than to taunting him. And we all know that would have surely boosted the man’s self confidence which surely was necessary for the man at that point of time.


Keep this in mind in every situation. My personal experience says me loosing nerves results in all sorts off bad decisions to be made.

You lose your nerve, means you have gone angry…angry means your brain and heart becomes unable to make fruitful decisions as a result of which you befall upon yourself. That makes it extremely necessary for you to do all your jobs keeping your nerves cool.

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