Precious Life

June 12

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June 12th –world day against child labour

Child Labour has always been a craving problem in developing countries. Every to mark an end to this social challenge of child labour, the world observes WORLD DAY AGAINST CHILD LABOUR on June 12.

Each time is getting grand and more elaborate, but regrettably, the condition of these underprivileged children hasn’t improved at all. They are compelled to earn for their livelihood, some work to support their family in the village.

The sight of a child working under hazardous condition or a child as young as four or five year old working as domestic help is very common despite law prohibiting it.  The laws were never enforced properly in most countries. In most developing countries, the criminals slip through the fingers of the authority because of immense corruption.

The main cause behind this social atrocity to be still present is because of never changing attitude of the people. NGOs have now come into existence for the help of these small underprivileged children.

Most people advocate for a stringent Law with proper fast track initiation for the cause, or else they believe it shall never come to an end.

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