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Currency Notes found floating in Assam

Monsoon rain which usually brings only water-logging brought riches in the form of floating Indian Rupee Currency (₹) notes in Guwahati on Monday. When most people were busy making their way through waterlogged streets, some residents, particularly in Chachal area, saw the currency notes come floating.
The incident took place near Silsako Beel, a water body. In no time, people dumped their fishing equipment and jumped in the water body to net the Rs.500 and Rs.1,000 denomination notes.
As news of the floating currency spread like wildfire, hundreds turned up. They too jumped into the waist-deep water looking for more currency notes. ”It has never happened before! I have seen the currency notes and they seem genuine,” said an excited Dipankar Baruah, a resident. According to him, some people managed to collect several thousands of rupees.

Police also arrived at the scene but could not offer any explanation on the source of the money.

Police said they were “trying best to take back the currency notes from the people. ”We have collected some and contacted the Reserve Bank of India in Guwahati to verify if they are genuine,” Senior Superintendent of Police Apurba Jiban Baruah said.
“We are trying to find out from where the currency notes came. It will take some time,” said the official. ”We have appealed to people to return the money to police for the sake of investigation,” said another official.

The money is believed to have been kept buried by some unknown person and incessant rain had softened the mud, cutting loose the currency bundles.